Below is a selection of new ranges that you can expect to appear on this site in the coming months following the ANA World Money Fair in Anaheim. If we can’t supply images or details yet it is because of embargo dates which we must respect. As these are lifted or more information comes to hand we will be filling this page in. We hope this will be a valuable resource for you to plan your own expenditure throughout the year so we suggest checking this page each month to see which images, release dates & details are being fleshed out. The coin’s title will turn into a page link once our allocation has been confirmed

If anything grabs your eye as a ‘must have’ item please feel free to contact us on and we will notify you once the item has a scheduled delivery date.


2016 Olympia 1g Proof Gold CoinGold-Olympia-Ob A

2016 OLYMPIA 1g PROOF GOLD COIN: UNESCO-listed since 1989, Olympia is one of Greece’s most important archaeological sites, with its Temple of Zeus.  Temple of Hera (Heraion). Palaestra and gymnasium.  It was already a centre of worship to Olympian Zeus in the 11th century BC and became the venue for of the Olympic Games in the 8th century BC, with the sacred truce providing the participants safe passage to the games. Now in Stock (Mintage 1500)





2016 ALBERT EINSTEIN 18.75g 925 Silver: Mintage 7,500. Due end of September


More new items to be announced soon

DIWALI 2016: 1oz 999 proof silver coin. Reserve now for delivery late September. £68Diwali Coin



DC COMICS: THE DARK KNIGHT (CLASSIC BATMAN): 1oz 999 proof silver. Just secured. Please indicate asap your interest in this coin – these will not last very long!!!  Reserve now for delivery late September. £83



Trilogy Coin



DC COMICS – THE TRILOGY: Superman, Batman & Woderwoman 1oz proof silver. Pre-order now for delivery late September. £83




ROYAL CANADIAN MINT 1oz PURE GOLD COIN MAPLE LEAF SILHOUETTERoyal Canadian Mint 1oz Pure Gold Coin Maple Leaf Silhouette: Available now. Mintage Limit: 800 (sold out in Canada we have sold 2 but we have access to another 2 units)


2016 MAPLE LEAF SILHOUTTE CANADIAN GEESE 15.67g SILVER: now in stock 2016 Maple Leaf Silhoutte Canadian Geese 15.67g Silver



LEGENDS OF ASGARD: VALKYRIE: 3oz .999 Antiqued Silver Max Relief 2016-CM-Legends-Asgard-Valkyrie-REVwm

(amazing relief on this coin).

Confirmed order due end of Sept. £175:-



CIT 2016 BREXIT 1/10oz Gold Proof Coin

CIT 2016 BREXIT 0.5g 9999 Gold Proof Coin


2016 BREXIT .9999 GOLD PROOF COINS: confirmed delivery Oct – pre-order now

1/10oz Mintage Limit: 2016 £245

0.5g Mintage Limit: 10,000 £45





2016 EVOLUTION OF LIFE – TRILOBITE 1oz GILDED SILVER: 2nd in the series, confirmed delivery around end of October/early November.
Mintage Limit: 999,  £170

Avalaible to pre-order now.



2016 MAGNIFICENT LIFE – WASP SPIDER 1oz SILVER: 2nd in the series27850_Magnificent-Life-2016---Spider_r

confirmed delivery around end of October/early November.
Mintage Limit: 999

Available to pre-order now.






2016 SKULL No 1 in 1oz SILVER & 0.5g GOLD: 1st in the Series,

1oz Silver: Mintage Limit: 1750, confirmed delivery end of October/early November £126.

0.5g Gold: Mintage Limit: 15000, confimerd delivery end of September/early October £50.00

Available to pre-order now.




27854_Tamdakht Meteorite Strike 2016_r


2016 TAMDAKHT METEORITE STRIKE in 1/2oz SILVER: confirmed delivery end of October/early November £99
Mintage Limit: 2500

Available to pre-order now.

27817_Ounce of Luck-2017_r


2017 OUNCE OF LUCK – FOUR LEAF CLOVER:1oz 925 silver proof. Max mintage 2017

confirmed delivery end of October/early November £68





Gold 4 Leaf


2017 FOUR LEAF CLOVER:  1gm 9999 gold proof.  Max Mintage  2017

confirmed delivery end of October/early November £79






American Monuments – Mount Rushmore: following on from the 1st coin in the series The Lincoln Memorial, the 2nd coin in this superbly designed and struck range is now in stock.






THE DA VINCI CODEX 5th Aniversary Set 1.020g Silver This set is made up of 24 pieces of 42.5g .999 silver. Elegantly framed in a Perspex display with stand, the set is housed in a beautiful case which features and image of da Vinci on the cover. With a total mintage of only 500 pieces the 5th anniversary edition is limited to just 100 pieces.

Leonardo’s studies in science and engineering are as impressive and innovative as his artistic work, recorded in notebooks comprising some 13,000 pages of notes and drawings, which fuse art and natural philosophy. His drawing of the “Vitruvian Man” is also regarded as a cultural icon. The product is supplied upon order.

There are some more delightful surprises to come from this producer/distributor.  Watch this space!


New items will be announced after the 2017 Berlin World Money Fair

2016 Classic Mickey Through The Ages 5oz Silver Coin



Single Ducat Ob


2016 GOLD DUCATS: confirmed order expected early September.  Now available to pre-order.


More new items to be announced soon once embargo dates are lifted

2016 Disney Silver Coin - Season's Greetings Classic

Mickey Through the Ages: Brave Little Tailor 0.5g Gold

Mickey Through the Ages: The Band Concert 0.5g Gold


2016 Star Wars Classic R2-D2 1oz Silver

2016 The Force Awakens BB8 1oz Silver Coin



2016 New Zealand Honey Bee 1oz Silver Proof Coin

2016 NEW ZEALAND HONEY BEE 1oz SILVER PROOF COIN: Now available to pre-order expected mid September (only 5 units left).

Mintage Limit: 1500



PW1605_Pisa-Cathedral-StainedGlass-2016_o PW1605_Pisa-Cathedral-StainedGlass-2016_r


20016 SACRED ART – PISA CATHEDRAL 2oz ANTIQUED SILVER: awaiting confirmation of allocation
Mintage Limit: 999






2016 ELEPHANT HIGH REIEF 1oz ANTIQUED SILVER: awaiting confirmation of allocation
Mintage Limit: 999


Everything is under strict embargo here however we have secured some clever new designs and these will appear on this list as the embargoes are lifted.

The Full Collection - Famous Fantasy Ships 8x 1oz Silver Proof Coins


THE FULL COLLECTION – FAMOUS FANTASY SHIPS 8x 1oz SILVER PROOF COINS: Available now and limited to only 300 limited edition sets with a single number certificate of authenticity. If  you would like the option to pay this item off over 4 consectutive months interest free please contact us on  as soon as possible. Unsurprisingly we do not have many sets left from our allocation.

Norse Gods Loki 2016 2oz Silver High Relief Antiqued Coin

NORSE GODS LOKI 2016 2oz SILVER HIGH RELIEF ANTIQUED COIN: Now available to pre-order (only 2 units left). Arrives end of August.




27802_Guy Fawkes Mask_r new


GUY FAWKES MASK: 1oz Black 999 Proof Silver (999 pieces). Confirmed order arrives around Guy Fawkes. £102





27780_Eternal Sculptures - Cupid and Psyche_o new

27780_Eternal Sculptures - Cupid and Psyche_r new


CUPID AND PSYCHE – Eternal Sculptures Canova:  2oz Silver High Relief Proof Quality Coin (999 pieces) with double sided Smartminting technology. Confirmed delivery early November, £195


2016 Remembrance Day2016 ALDERNEY £ 5 REMEMBRANCE DAY: 28.28g 925 proof silver. Max mintage 2016

Confirmed order expected in stock 19th September £79

The Royal Mint is donating a percentage of the proceeds of each sale to support the organisations that support the Imperial War Museum.  



2016 THE BATTLE OF SOMME – 100 YEAR ANNIVERSARY: 28.28g 925 proof silver. Max mintage 400RMTBOTS2

Now in stock £79


King-Tut-CroppedEGYPTIAN RELIC SERIES – KING TUT.  5oz 999 silver antiqued bullion coin, max mintage 30,000.  This is the 1st coin in a series of five.

Now we do not usually stock bullion coins but we are definitely going to try to get our hands on this one. Stunningly crafted and with all the hallmarks of a numismatic hit, and at a very reasonable price compared to your average proof coin. It even comes in a box. Why wouldn’t you?

We are waiting on confirmation