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We at Minted UK recognise that your motives for buying uncirculated or commemorative coins are as diverse as the world in which we live.

If you are a collector wishing to build a stunning nest egg of iconic images over time Minted can supply you with the crème de la crème of uncirculated coins.

Perhaps you are an investor wishing to hold a physical store of value in either gold or silver, if so we can find products to suit your needs at the right price.

Maybe you're simply looking for a special gift, one able to last the test of time and also be worthy of marking that significant event in a loved one's life. Give us a call and Minted UK will deliver something fitting to the occasion.

Our promise to you is that, if the item you're after is not already in our range, we can source one that will not only fit your brief but will do so at a very competitive price. Allow yourself to be surprised.


Our prices are very competitive for buyers purchasing less than ten pieces in any particular range. This pricing framework is ideal for the collector. However if you require more than 10 uncirculated coins of any single range and year or are wishing to purchase single 10oz or 1kg silver coins, please talk to us as we can make you even further savings for a higher volume. Dare to compare our prices. The prices indicated include VAT if applicable.


While we only source either directly from the mints themselves or their approved secondary wholesalers, all of our gold products are backed by the Fisch Scale test - the only trusted method for testing Sovereigns and Krugerrands. We firmly believe a quality product must be backed by a quality service and this must be built on a platform of trust. While it would currently be unprofitable to counterfeit silver coins, we do have Silver Fisch scales for the following 1oz coins.


Austrian Philharmonica

Canadian Maple

American Eagle


As there are many gold counterfeits in circluation, some even making their way into supposedly reputable high street stores, we are only too happy to carry out these tests in your presence at the point of delivery to approved locations. If you are interested in familiarising yourself with how the Fisch Scale works please explore the following link as it will give you some very valuable information on how to recognise counterfeit coins.

We hope that’s answered any questions you have about us.

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