I am an avid Coin collector. I have purchased from Minted UK, as if you order on release you can get the entire set. The Thunderbirds coins are selling for £68.00. Other Coin sellers have just brought a 100 of the most popular Coin in this set, and have sold at £125.00. Minted gives a bespoke service with very keen prices for the buyer, as you can see from the one example. So if you want to collect by the set or individually, I have found buying from Minted cheaper than the “one trick pony” Coin companies, and even cheaper than buying from auction sites. If you need any advice, or you want a set that Minted is selling contact Sharon Viti and arrange to try get a set reserved, the earlier the more chance of getting the entire collection. My aim is to make sure I get the individual coins or entire sets, this then gives you peace of mind if you reserve, and knowing your getting in my opinion the best deal at the best margin, and the service provided is first class. I now look at the new release newsletter and choose from what I want, and don’t take my word for it, check yourself the prices, as selling the Thunderbirds Coins £57.00 less than another online Coin company, it really speaks for itself. So I would advise you to give this company a try, this is now the first place I look to buy new issue coins, to see if they are carrying the range I want, this saves endless biding and visits to auction sites, when I have actually found on numerous previous occasions before I switched to Minted that I had actually spent more on auctions.