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Product Description

2016 Metatron the King Of Angels 2oz Silver Coin

The Choir of Angels (1st in series)

2016 Metatron the King Of Angels 2oz Silver Coin: Metatron means “One who occupies the Throne next to the Throne of the Divine”.  He is known as the first and last of the Archangels and is variously called the Chancellor of Heaven, The Angel of the Covenant and the King of the Angels.

Metatron is the only angel within the heavenly spheres, who was once human.  He was known as Enoch and was the seventh Patriarch after Adam.  It was written that he ‘walked with God’ and was taken up into Heaven where he was made an Archangel.  He is charged with sustaining human life and acts as the Bridge between the Divine and mankind.  It was Metatron who stopped Abraham from sacrificing his son Isaac to God.

He was given the positon of Heavenly scribe and asked to maintain the eternal archive of God, recording every event that occurs.  He oversees all the other recording angels. With this position he sits along side the throne of the Lord.

The position held by Metatron at the top of the ‘Tree of Life’ also means he is attributed with being involved with the Divine creation: passing the Divine blueprint for creation at all levels down to all the angels beneath him to put into place.  Metatron is in charge of and actuates the sacred geometry patterns of the Universe.  He holds the Metatron Cube – a structure composed of all the sacred shapes of the Universe. He places this structure over anything to be created, forming the blueprint of its construction. The major Earth’s ley lines follow the same patterns as the Metrtronic Cube.


  • Metal: 999 Fine Silver
  • Finish: Antiqued
  • Year of Issue: 2016
  • Mintage: 1000
  • Diameter: 50 mm
  • Weight: 65 g
  • Certificate of Authenticity: Yes
  • Issued For:  Modern Numismatics International (MNI)
  • Minted By: Helvetic Mint


Features and image of Metatron – The King of Angels. Struck in high relief, with an antiqued finish. The reverse also features an an angelic green aventurine gemstone insert.


This features the Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Country of Issue – Niue.


Attractively boxed with accompanying certificate of authenticity.

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