VELOCIRAPTOR MONGOLIENSIS 2018 Mongolia 3oz silver coin

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CIT 2018 Velociraptor Mongoliensis 3oz Silver High Relief Coin

Mongolian coin series are notoriously rare and sought after. In 2015 CIT launched the iconic Evolution of Life series that portrays prehistoric life in hitherto unseen brilliance and quality.

At World Money Fair 2018, CIT now proudly presents a truly great addition to the range of paleontologically themed coins featuring Mongolia’s most famous dinosaur, the Velociraptor. The series will portray prehistoric beasts in exceptional style on a whooping 65mm canvas weighing three ounces.

Velociraptor (/vɪˈlɒsɪræptər/; meaning “swift seizer” in Latin) is a genus of dromaeosaurid theropod dinosaur that lived approximately 75 to 71 million years ago during the later part of the Cretaceous Period. Two species are currently recognized, although others have been assigned in the past. The type species is V. mongoliensis; fossils of this species have been discovered in Mongolia. A second species, V. osmolskae, was named in 2008 for skull material from Inner Mongolia, China.

Smaller than other dromaeosaurids like Deinonychus and Achillobator, Velociraptor nevertheless shared many of the same anatomical features. It was a bipedal, feathered carnivore with a long tail and an enlarged sickle-shaped claw on each hindfoot, which is thought to have been used to tackle and disembowel prey. Velociraptor can be distinguished from other dromaeosaurids by its long and low skull, with an upturned snout.

Velociraptor (commonly shortened to “raptor”) is one of the dinosaur genera most familiar to the general public due to its prominent role in the Jurassic Park motion picture series. In real life, however, Velociraptor was roughly the size of a turkey, considerably smaller than the approximately 2 m (7 ft) tall 80 kg (180 lb) reptiles seen in the films. Today, Velociraptor is well known to paleontologists, with over a dozen described fossil skeletons, the most of any dromaeosaurid. One particularly famous specimen preserves a Velociraptor locked in combat with a Protoceratops. (Source: Wikipedia)


  • Coin Metal: 999 Fine Silver
  • Coin Weight: 3oz
  • Diameter: 65 mm
  • Coin Finish: High Relief Prooflike
  • Coin Denomination: 2000 Togrog
  • Year of Issue: 2018
  • Coin Mintage: 999
  • Country of Issue: Mongolia
  • Mint: CIT (Coin Invest Trust)


The brilliant silver fossil is struck in smartminting© high relief and set against a prooflike field. The red-rock finish hints at the original fossil matrix, a look forther enhanced by a rim and edge struck to resemble rock.


Mongolian emblem and coin inscriptions.


Velociraptor mongoliensis is limited to 999 pieces and comes supplied with a beautiful floating frame. A certificate of authenticity attached to the frame

Smart Minting Technology

So what is Smart Minting all about?  A technique allowing hitherto unprecedented levels of intricate relief on smaller coins, amongst many other benefits. Applied to a range of their new coins, CIT (Coin Invest Trust) took the inspired step of using it on a previous release to ably demonstrate the benefits of the process in comparison to traditional strikes.

smartminting© stands for:

• strikingly higher relief on standard weight coins

• extraordinarily high relief on coins with slightly increased weight

• considerably larger diameter on standard weight coins while maintaining relief height

• standard relief height on coins with greatly reduced weight


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