Good Luck Gold Luck 2019 1g Gold Coin


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Good Luck Gold Luck 2019 1g Gold Coin

Clover belongs to the plant family legumes (Fabaceae). Its botanical generic name Trifolium is derived from the three leaves, which a clover normally has. As a freak of nature, the number of its leaves can vary in rare cases. Clovers with up to seven leaves have already been found. The most well known is definitely the four leaf clover.

Is there a more beautiful gift than luck? With a real, tiny four-leaf clover each coin is a unique piece.


  • Metal: 9999 Fine Gold
  • Finish: Proof
  • Diameter: 13.92
  • Mintage: 2019
  • Weight: 1g
  • Date: 2019


The coins feature a real four leaf clover preserved into the coin face.


This 1 gram gold version features Palau’s coat-of-arms. It carries a face value of one dollar issued by the Republic of Palau.


This lucky gold coin ships in CIT’s wooden collector’s box and a certificate of authenticity is enclosed.


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