FAREWELL NATIONS OF THE CROWN 2017 United Kingdom gold coin set

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Royal Mint Farewell Nations of the Crown 2017 Gold Proof Coin Set

A Fond Farewell to the Last Round Pound!

This set contains the last “round pound,” issued in 2016 by the Royal Mint, as well as the new 2017 twelve-sided one-pound coin. Each comes struck to shimmering proof condition in 22 karat yellow and red gold, and each carries a legal-tender value of £1.

The “Farewell” round pound was first introduced on the queen’s birthday in 1983. Over the next 33 years its design would change 23 times. By the end of 2017, the standard round pound will lose its legal-tender status, but will still be accepted as a deposit into bank accounts.

The new 12-sided pound, featuring floral emblems of the nations in the United Kingdom, was submitted to a public competition by David Pearce — who was only 15 years old at the time! It was introduced as official legal tender on March 28, 2017.

Only 100 of these 22k gold proof sets are available.


  • Denomination: £1
  • Maximum Coin Mintage: 100 (sold out from the Royal Mint) certificate number 98
  • Alloy: New Pound 916.7 yellow gold, enhanced with red gold
  • Alloy: Last Round Pound  916.7 rose gold
  • Weight: New Pound 17.72g
  • Weight: Last Round Pound 19.62
  • Diameter: 23.03mm/22.5mm
  • Reverse Designers: David Pearce / Gregory Cameron
  • Obverse Designer: Jody Clark
  • Quality: Proof


Nations of the Crown: The reverse of the state of the art coin shows David Pearce’s fresh interpretation of traditional floral emblems was chosen to symbolise the modern United Kingdom.

Last Round Pound: Gregory Cameron’s lifelong interest in heraldry is evident in his symbolic design. He has turned to the coins original theme for inspiration, and his modern reworking of the Royal Arms gives each country of the United Kingdom equal billing – all four royal beasts leaping to the defence of British sovereignty.


Issued as legal tender under the authority of The United Kingdom with the latest Jody Clark effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.


Presented in a wooden display case, the coin set comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity (#98). Comes with an outer cardboard shipper and booklet on the development history.


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