STAR TREK NG: ENCOUNTER AT FARPOINT 2018 Niue 5g silver note


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Comes with a folder to hold the entire series

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Star Trek: The Next Generation – Encounter At Farpoint 2018 Niue 5g Silver Note

Star Trek: The Next Generation – Encounter At Farpoint 2018 Niue 5g Silver Note (PLUS Free Collector’s Album): This first striking 5g pure silver coin note in the Star Trek: The Next Generation Collection features the poster artwork, from Juan Ortiz, of the series premiere episode. There are seven notes in the collection and each note will be released approximately 2 weeks apart.

Encounter at Farpoint, Pt. I. The design is brought to life through engraving and colour printing. The unique number in the mintage is also printed on each coin note. A Star Trek: The Next Generation Collector’s Album is included with purchase. The album is Star Trek themed and includes a summary of each corresponding episode

About Juan Ortiz: In reviewing the Star Trek art created by Juan Ortiz, where do you even begin? His work is simply transcendent. Criss-crossing disparate artistic styles, themes and ideas, he captures the essence of Trek over-and-over again with a few well-placed brushstrokes and a broad range of colors. As a follow-up to his Star Trek: The Original Series book released in 2013, Titan Books has finally compiled Ortiz’s episode art for Star Trek: The Next Generation in one vibrant, 208-page masterpiece.

Covering all seven seasons of TNG episodes, Ortiz’s episode artwork is presented here as an arthouse movie poster, one page for each show. The work has incredible range and will allow each reader to take away their own private interpretations from his unique style. Some pieces will be favorites, others less so, but as it is with most art of this type, you’ll be taking something different away every time you flip through the pages.  Seven posters have been carefully selected by the New Zealand Mint for this NG collection. This selection conveys the unique visual interpretation captured so eloquently in Juan Ortiz’s work.

When compiling his poster art for the Original Series, Ortiz used a more retro vibe in his designs. In this compilation of his Next Generation art, he translates each episode with more modern artistic styles, ranging from indie film poster looks to images that would fit right in on a street corner decked out with local bands and punk rock posters. (source

Reverse face

Star Trek: The Next Generation silver coin note collection begins with the poster artwork of the season 1 series premier episode, Encounter at Farpoint, Pt 1 (a free collector’s album comes with this note)

Obverse face

This features the Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Country of Issue – Niue.


Each note is presented in a Star Trek themed protective sleeve.  Please note the first coin in this series comes with a free Star Trek: The Next Generation – Encounter at Farpoint collector’s album (this is not available with other releases in the series)

COMPOSITION 5.0 grams of 0.999 silver
DIMENSIONS 148mm x 98mm
FINISH Uncirculated with colour highlights
MINTAGE 50,000 per design

Additional information

Star Trek Character

"Captain Kirk with album", "Spock", "McCoy", "Scotty", "Uhura", "Sulu", "Chekov"


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