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Women of France 2016 Joan of Arc 22.2g Silver

Joan of Arc was born in Domemy in the Lorraine region of France around 1412. She claimed, as an adolescent, to have been instructed by saints to free France from English occupation and to conduct the Dauphin on the royal throne.  She made it her mission to get to the Daupin’s side and inform him of her divine calling, so that he might give her an army with which to deliver France. The tale of Joan’s military success is a daunting cascade of victories that eventually turned the tide of the Hundred Years’ War.  Joan was eventually captured and sold to the English during a skirmish in 1930 and she was tried & convicted of heresy.  In May 1431 she was burned at the stake in a Rouen marketplace.

When the French retook Rouen in 1449, a series of investigations were launched, which led to a formal appeal run by the Inquisitor-General in 1455. Joan was exonerated on July 7, 1456, with the Inquisitor’s summary of case evidence describing her as a martyr who had been executed by a court which itself had violated Church law. Her canonization took place in 1920.


  • Metal: 900 Fine Silver
  • Weight: 22.2g
  • Women of France Series
  • Year of Issue: 2016
  • Mintage Limit: 5,000
  • Diameter: 37mm
  • Finish: Proof Quality

Reverse Design

Features the helmeted head of this military leader.  Engraved around the circumference are the words ‘Jeanne D’Arc’ and the years marking her short life span. The coin also has been engraved with a repetitive fleurdelys” pattern. This “fleurdelys” was represented in the arms her family were awarded in honour of her role in rallying the patriots of France to end the English occupation.  

Obverse Design

The obverse shows Joan of Arc mounted on a horse holding her battle standard. Above is inscribed ‘Orléans’ the place of her greatest triumph and the turning point of 100 years’ war.

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This stunning limited edition coin is presented in a classic Monnaie de Paris box with a uniquely numbered Certificate of Authenticity. A perfect gift for lovers of history.


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