ANCIENT GREECE COINS – 2022 COOK ISLANDS 0.5g .9999 gold coin set


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Only 2 left in stock



ANCIENT GREECE – COINS 2022 COOK ISLANDS 0.5g .9999 gold coin set

Ancient cities chose symbols for their coinage that represented the founding mythology, a pun on the city’s name, a characteristic feature of the economy or the city’s devotion to a particular deity.

  • Dolphin and Tuna – Cyzicus: Cyzicus was one of the great trade cities of the ancient world. It was located on the Sea of Marmara and ruled by the Persian Empire until its capture by Alexander the Great in 334 BC. Tuna fishing was a cornerstone of the economy of Cyzicus, so much so that the animal became the defining feature of the coinage from the city. The two dolphins encircling Cyzicus’ tuna symbolize Poseidon, the god of the sea
  • Octopus – Syracuse: Syracuse in Sicily was founded by Ancient Greek Corinthians and Teneans. It grew to a very powerful city-state, was allied with Sparta and Corinth and exerted influence over the entirety of coastal areas of Southern Italy. Described by Cicero as “the greatest Greek city and the most beautiful of them all”, it equaled Athens in size during the fifth century BC. The octopus as a feature is probably due to the city’s proximity to the sea, fishing or the brisk trading in its port.
  • Crab – Akragas: For the wealthy city of Akragas on Sicily this was the crab. Some believe the animal associates with Poseidon. Others suggest a connection to the Greek river-god Akragas.


The obverse carries the Ian Rank Broadley effigy of Queen Elizabeth II on it and is issued under the authority of the Cook Islands.


Each design is presented in a capsule in CIT’s minigold collector’s box. A certificate of authenticity is enclosed.

COMPOSITION 0.5 gram  of 0.9999 gold each coin
MINTAGE 15000 each design


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