BIKER SKULL 2019 Palau 0.5g minigold coin


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CIT Biker Skull minigold

BIKER SKULL 2019 Palau 0.5g minigold coin: Following CIT’s successful Skull series, this edition is about the bikers that have helped make skulls a popular cultural icon. Bikers revel in the reputation of being tough guys and being wild and free driving along on the lonesome highways. Despite having the appearance of being dangerous and scary, most are reliable, loyal mates who help whenever needed and foster friendships.

This smaller golden brother of the silver issue features an equally astonishing design in a special shape.


Depicts a biker wearing a traditional biker helmet along with his trademark goggles. Contrasts of mirrored surfaces along with the silk finish complete the look of this cultural icon.


Depicts the national emblem of the Republic of Palau and the denomination.


Presented in a capsule in CIT’s minigold collector’s box box.  A certificate of authenticity is enclosed.

COMPOSITION0.5 grams  of 0.9999 gold
FINISHBrilliant uncirculated


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