CHIWOO CHEONWANG DOGGAEBI – 2oz silver stacker

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CHIWOO CHEONWANG DOGGAEBI – 2oz silver stacker

It was Scottsdale Mint that first had great success with the concept of stackable bullion coins. What are they, you might ask? Imagine a coin or round that has a high-relief design on its reverse face. You obviously can’t stack these on top of each other, unless you have a negative, incused copy of the strike on the obverse face, thus allowing the two to lock together ad infinitum.

What Coins Today Korea have done is lift the concept to a whole new level, with a striking design based on a symbol that lovers of the whole Chiwoo Cheonwang bullion range will recognise. The Doggaebi is a mystical guardian in Korean mythology, much like the Gargoyle is in Christian circles, but whereas the latter was reserved for hanging off the facade of the big showpiece cathedrals, the Doggaebi can be found everywhere, traditionally as Doggaebi Gi-wa – a roof tile.

A distinctive creation, the big grinning smile and horned visage are very Asian in style and its inclusion in a house is to ward off evil spirits, as a protector. The symbol can be traced back as far as the 10th century Goryeo period. They are not the ghosts of dead people, but the spiritual possession of an inanimate object, sometimes those stained with human blood. It’s all fascinating stuff and part of the complex mythologies that are prevalent in Asian cultures.

We think this is a quite beautiful piece, and it’s genuinely a pleasure to see something so different in this market. The look of the Doggaebi is a familiar one, but to see it so well done in high relief is something we feel silver stackers will really flock to. It’s a two-ounce fine silver piece, with an unlimited mintage. Source:


Because we think these are a very cool collector’s item we have sourced specifically designed capsules.  If you do by chance want to stack them (and not require the capsule) we are more than happy to deduct £1.50 for the capsule – please contact us on

COMPOSITION 62.2 grams (2oz) of 0.999 silver
DIMENSIONS 38.5 x 52 mm
FINISH High relief, incused obverse, lightly antiqued
MINTAGE unlimited


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