EMPEROR PENGUIN 2018 Cook Islands 88g dimensional silver coin


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Only 1 left in stock

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Few animals are as universally loved as the charismatic penguins. Following in the Silver Lucky Panda’s footsteps, the Emperor Penguin is a homage to these amiable birds.

Male emperors keep the newly laid eggs warm, but they do not sit on them, as many other birds do. Males stand and protect their eggs from the elements by balancing them on their feet and covering them with feathered skin known as a brood pouch. During this two-month bout of babysitting the males eat nothing and are at the mercy of the Antarctic elements.  When female penguins return to the breeding site, they bring a belly full of food that they regurgitate for the newly hatched chicks. Meanwhile, their duty done, male emperors take to the sea in search of food for themselves.   Mothers care for their young chicks and protect them with the warmth of their own brood pouches. Outside of this warm cocoon, a chick could die in just a few minutes. In December, Antarctic summer, the pack ice begins to break up and open water appears near the breeding site, just as young emperor penguins are ready to swim and fish on their own. (source: National Geographic)

Like its predecessor, the Penguin is limited to 888 pieces and comes in an elegant collector’s case.

Reverse face

Struck from 88 grams of fine silver, the shaped Emperor Penguin watching over its hatchling shows incredible detail. Discreet color applications accent the penguins features and enhances the stunning three-dimensional form.

Obverse face

The obverse is plain, with a coin-shaped area carrying the Ian Rank Broadley effigy of Queen Elizabeth II on it, and is issued under the authority of the Cook Islands.


Presented in a collector’s box.  A certificate of authenticity is enclosed.


DENOMINATION $20 (Cook Islands)
COMPOSITION 88.0 grams of 0.999 silver
DIMENSIONS 60 mm  (Penguin shape)
FINISH Antiqued high relief


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