DOUBLE DRAGON & YIN YANG KOI 2021 2oz coloured antiqued Silver Coin

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DOUBLE DRAGON & YIN YANG KOI 2021 2oz coloured antiqued Silver Coin

According to ancient Chinese mythology, a school of golden koi swam up a fast-flowing river full of rocks and other obstacles to reach a legendary mountain waterfall known as The Dragon Gate. Despite its seemingly impassable height, one koi’s repeated efforts to reach the crest eventually proved successful. In recognition of its determination and perseverance, the gods turned it into the most auspicious mythical creature in Chinese culture – a dragon.

Rich in Chinese cultural references, the coin’s highly symmetrical design portrays two golden koi in the form of a Yin Yang (or taijitu) symbol encircled by two serpentine-shaped Chinese dragons.

Koi fish are traditionally associated with happiness and harmony, and are often used as a good luck symbol for a happy marriage. In feng shui, the yin yang symbol represents the balance between the positive and negative energies within ‘chi’, the vital life-force of all living things on Earth.

The subject of countless myths and legends, Chinese dragons are revered as wise and benevolent creatures with auspicious powers, particularly over the water and rainfall required for abundant harvests. Symbolising nobility, kindness, prosperity and success, dragons were also seen as the embodiment of the emperor.


The transformation of the koi into a dragon is symbolised on the coin by the interconnection of their coloured whiskers. Also included in the design is a backdrop of scrolling clouds, which are associated with deities, and lotus flowers, symbols of purity.


The Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is portrayed on the obverse, which also includes the coin’s weight, purity, monetary denomination and 2021 year-date.


Present in a Perth Mint collector’s box with themed outer packaging. No more than 888 of the Double Dragon and Yin Yang Koi 2021 2oz Silver Coloured Antiqued Coin will be released.

This coin has been individually ‘antiqued’ to give it a unique finish conveying the surface abrasions of an ancient artefact. As a result of this treatment, the appearance of each coin may vary.

COMPOSITION 62.213 grams (2oz) of 0.9999 silver
FINISH Antiqued / Rimless


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