EGYPTIAN RELICS SERIES 2017 Nefertiti 5oz silver


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EGYPTIAN RELICS SERIES 2017 Nefertiti 5oz silver

EGYPTIAN RELICS SERIES 2017 Nefertiti 5oz silver: One of our favourite silver bullion coins of 2016, was Scottsdales chunky five-ounce Egyptian Relics and proved very popular. Done in the Egyptian hieroglyphic style and depicting Tutankhamen, the most famous Pharaoh in modern times, the coin was issued for the African country Chad. With a similar diameter to a one-ounce coin, the considerable extra weight has gone on thickness. Not only is the coin almost 12 mm thick, it has a hewn, chiselled, antiqued finish. Combined with the design, it almost looks like a miniature artifact found in the desert.

We’ve been repeatedly asked when we will have these back in stock again & we’re pleased to say that the series is finally here.

Following closely the same style as Tutankhamen, this second release goes back in time just a short way to the previous ruler of Ancient Egypt, Akhenaten, and more specifically his beautiful wife Nefertiti.

Reverse face

Features the enigmatic Nefertiti. Widely considered to be one of the more powerful female rulers of this powerhouse ancient empire, Nefertiti is firmly rooted in the modern consciousness because of the discovery of a quite sublime bust of the ruler found just over a century ago by German archaeologist Ludwig Borchardt. Currently located in the Neues Museum in Berlin, it’s considered an icon of ancient beauty.

Obverse face

This features the Republic of Chad coat of arms, weight, denomination, year date and metal fineness.


Each coin comes in a themed cardboard shipper.

COMPOSITION 155.5 grams (5oz) of 0.999 silver
DIMENSIONS 41.0 mm (round)
FINISH antiqued uncirculated (Bullion)
MINTAGE 30,000


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