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Legends are an inseparable part of every Culture. Civilizations around the world have outdone themselves with the ingenuity and variety of mythical stories. With time, as tales are passed down from generation to generation, they become an inseparable part of that cultures historical record. Among the captivating descriptions of wars and tragic love stories these legends often overflow with tales of mythical monsters. The rich history of Ancient Germanian culture is full of some of the oldest and most terrifying creatures in medieval northern and western Europe. Most of the beasts from the Germanic bestiary were harmful and dangerous, few regarded as useful and protective allies, all were used in stories to teach obedience, respect and submissiveness.

To highlight the power of the Fafnir dragon, Germania Mint has created this special edition – Germania Beasts: Fafnir 2 oz Silver BU – a 2 oz coin of 999.9 silver with ultra double high relief (4 mm on the Obverse and 2 mm on the Reverse). The image of Fafnir the dragon has been raised and covered with a special effect – Chameleon – a coating that makes this dragon’s skin shimmer in different colors depending on the lighting angle.

The coin design was created by Natalia Danysz. The idea, rare in the Numismatic World, seamlessly joins two separate faces to form an seamless whole.  Fafnir’s visualization creates an infinity sign, where the two parts of the dragon’s body placed on each side of the coin, create the image of a complete dragon. To see this effect, the coin needs to be either flipped or two coins need to be placed with the obverse above the reverse.

An integral part of the Germania brand is the symbol of a two-headed eagle. On this Fafnir series the eagle is located on the reverse, encircled by dragon’s tail.

With a limited quantity of only 999 pieces, this presents a remarkable opportunity to become an owner of this unique coin. With its upgraded look and elegant packaging, it would make an amazing gift for the keen numismatist or for someone who is an avid collector of dragons.

Reverse face

The reverse depicts Germania’s two headed eagle encircled by Fafnir’s tail.

Obverse face

The obverse carries the figure of Fafnir the legendary dragon beast


Exceptional coins deserve luxury packaging. Germania Beasts: Fafnir 2 oz Silver BU is encased in an especially designed and engraved acrylic glass display with a real wood stand. The stand is presented in the Qureco – Germania’s signature eco carton box.

The COA included in each set provides all the necessary information and guarantees the coins value.

DENOMINATION 10 Marks (this is a bullion round)
COMPOSITION 62.2 grams (2oz) of 0.999 silver
FINISH bullion


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