GERMANIC RUNES – ANSUZ 2023 1oz silver bullion


Only 1 left in stock


Only 1 left in stock



Germania Mint presents the Runes – cast collectible bars, made of 999.9 silver, marked with an individual number and mint mark. Each Rune is ennobled with a magical colour, which reveals itself only when illuminated with a UV torch from Germania Mint.

The runic alphabet (Elder Futhark) is a script once used by Germanic peoples. According to beliefs, the god Odin sacrificed his life to receive knowledge of runic magic, so he could share it with others.

The alphabet, which consists of 24 characters called runes, was carved in various materials: wood, bone, metal, and most often in stone. Each rune has a specific sound and meaning.


The Ansuz Rune is seen as a sign of divine inspiration and the need to pay attention to messages from a higher power or inner voice. It also signifies the need to express oneself honestly and effectively. It promotes creativity and clarity of message. Adds courage and confidence. Represents the power of words and the ability to communicate ideas and knowledge to others. Proclaims that wisdom can come from a higher source.


Each Rune has gained a new minimalist and eco-friendly packaging. The tasteful cotton pouch with the Rune is placed in a compact, stylish paper box, which adds an exclusive touch. Each item is additionally labelled in Germania Mint’s characteristic way – unique, elegant and legibly.

DENOMINATION Undenominated
COMPOSITION 31.1 grams (1oz) of 0.9999 silver
DIMENSIONS 23.9 x 29.5 x 7.3 mm
FINISH Antique Finish, UV Effect, Numbering


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