GIANTS OF THE GALAPAGOS: SEAHORSE – Solomon Islands $2 Pamp Suisse 1 oz Silver Coin

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GIANTS OF THE GALAPAGOS: SEAHORSE – Solomon Islands $2 Pamp Suisse 1 oz Silver Coin

Also called the Pacific Seahorse, it is the only species of seahorse found in the eastern Pacific Ocean, and its only oceanic island population is centred around the isolated Galapagos Islands. They prefer to inhabit sub-tidal environments, rarely exceeding 60 metres in depth, such as coral and rocky reefs, mangroves, and segrass meadows.

By seahorse standards, Ingens reaches a large 12-19 cms in height, but they have been known to reach an almost rideable 30 cm. They come in a wide variety of colours, including green, brown, maroon, grey, and yellow. Like all seahorses, they have a prehensile tail, skin (instead of scales), a digestive tract with a stomach, no teeth, and the ability to move each eye independently of the other.

Female seahorses deposit their eggs in a brood pouch on the male, who will then fertilise the egg and seal it in the pouch to develop. The salinity of the water in the pouch changes so as to acclimatise the growing young to the outside sea. Amazingly, each male can brood up to 2,000 eggs at a time, and do so multiple times per year. After 14 days, the male expels the young one at a time, taking days. After that, no doubt, he sits down, has a cigar and vows never to do it again…


First in this new series is the Giant Seahorse. The coin is basically shaped as a standard round item would be, but the subject has been allowed to extend past its borders in two places. It’s a small addition, but gives the issue a unique appearance which will be different for each new addition to the series.

Just the animal itself is picked out in colour, with the background showing a detailed habitat for it. In a particularly nice touch, the extended areas on the obverse have been used for custom art, also of the subjects habitat. This is format will continue on the following two coins in the series.


Depicts as an insert the Ian Rank Broadley effigy of Queen Elizabeth II surrounded by the inscribed issue details and the certificate number.


Presented in a colourful blisterpack with all specification and information inside. A unique certificate number is engraved onto the obverse.

COMPOSITION 1oz (31.1g) .9999 silver
DIMENSIONS 37.3 x 46.3 mm
FINISH Reverse proof with colour highlights


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