MAJESTIC EAGLE 2020 Mongolia 2oz black proof silver coin


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MAJESTIC EAGLE 2020 Mongolia 2oz black proof silver coin

MAJESTIC EAGLE 2020 Mongolia 2oz black proof silver coin: The cornerstone of CIT’s philosophy is to always be the industry leader in innovative products. We have been recognized for that with international coin awards for decades now.

At the World Money Fair in Berlin earlier this year, we released the Majestic Eagle to showcase our newest smartminting© technology. It was an instant success and was featured in many numismatic publications and sold out almost instantly. Numismatic experts and collectors alike were stunned by its beauty and technical specifications. Following up on that success, CIT is proud to release a Black Proof version of this incredible design.


This stunning 2 oz silver Black Proof features the same design that was released in Berlin, but done with a different finish that has become a very popular way to collect coins. What’s incredible about the finish is that it allows every single detail to still be seen in brilliant clarity. Everything from the individual feathers to the eagle’s glare staring at you in the background and the way the claw rips through the surface of the coin, it’s all there!


The obverse features the coat of arms of the Bank of Mongolia, below in Cyrillic script 1000 Togrog.


Your  MAJESTIC EAGLE 2020 Mongolia 1oz proof silver coin is package inside of a Nimbus frame. A certificate of authenticity is printed on the reverse of the coloured insert which holds the coin in place.  Only 999 pieces struck.

DENOMINATION 1000 Togrog (Mongolia)
COMPOSITION 62.2 grams (2oz) of 0.999 silver
FINISH High Relief Black Proof, smartminted,


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