MINI ROO 2021 Australia 0.5g gold coin


Only 3 left in stock


Only 3 left in stock


MINI ROO 2021 Australia 0.5g gold coin

Australia’s most recognised animal symbol, the kangaroo has been regularly portrayed on Australian coins, tokens and medallions since the 1850s. Honouring the historic precedent, The Perth Mint began crafting outstanding gold coins featuring annual designs of the famous marsupial in 1989. From 1 kilo down to this 0.5g release, there’s a gold kangaroo coin suitable for almost every buyer.

Struck from 0.5g of precisely the same 99.99% pure gold Perth Mint use to craft their most prestigious collectables and sought-after investment coins, this button-sized release is an affordable way to begin your gold coin collection, or gift some of the world’s most alluring precious metal.


The coin portrays a miniaturised image of a crouching kangaroo – identified by its iconic pouch and hopping stride, the animal has become a much-loved national icon. The design also incorporates The Perth Mint’s ‘P’ mintmark.


This neat offering is housed in a protective acrylic capsule incorporated within a stylish wallet-sized card.

COMPOSITION 0.5g .9999 gold
FINISH Bullion
MINTAGE Unlimited


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