PREHISTORIC LIFE: MAMENCHISAURUS 2020 Congo 1oz .999 BU silver coin


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In stock


PREHISTORIC LIFE: MAMENCHISAURUS 2020 Congo 1oz .999 BU silver coin

The third issue of the series Prehistoric Life from the Congo is dedicated to the Mamenchisaurus. The herbivore Mamenchisaurus lived in China during the Upper Jurassic period and is especially known for its extremely long neck, which consisted of up to 19 cervical vertebrae. The neck thus made up about half of the total length of the dinosaur, which could reach up to 22 metres. Fossil remains of the large sauropod were first found in 1952 on a road construction site in Sichuan province.

Obverse face

The main art comprises an image of two Mamenchisaurus and a pterosaurus in a primeval landscape. The inscriptions “MAMENCHISAURUS”, “160 – 145 MIO YEARS BC” and the year of issue 2020 are also shown. The motive is framed by the title of the series “PREHISTORIC LIFE” as well as a timeline indicating the prehistoric epochs Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous.


Limited to just 10,000 pieces, this proof-like bullion coin comes with a capsule.

COMPOSITION 31.1 grams (1oz) of 0.999 silver
FINISH Brilliant Uncirculated
MINTAGE 10,000


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