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EGYPTIAN RELICS SERIES 2020 Chariot of War 5oz silver

EGYPTIAN RELICS SERIES 2020 Chariot of War 5oz silver: Scottsdale Mint is pleased to announce the release of the 5 oz Republic of Chad Chariot of War BU (2020). The release of the 5 oz Republic of Chad Chariot of War Coin BU (2020) marks the continuation of the popular Egyptian Relic Series.

The ancient Egyptians used chariots for warfare, hunting, as well as in processions. They are frequently shown in ancient Egyptian art, and several examples of the wooden frames survived, including six dismantled chariots found in King Tutankhamun’s tomb, dating to around 3,300 years ago.

A symbol of power in Ancient Egypt, the chariot can probably trace its origins back as far as 4,500 years ago, although its debut on the battlefield likely started much later, from the 16th century BCE. Much faster, more agile and far deadlier than the infantry of the time, they dominated warfare, able to harrass the enemy, perform reconnaissance, and smash through infantry formations.

They were, however, expensive to build, required constant maintenance, and dependent on the terrain being favourable. On smoothish open ground, they could be devastating, especially when combined with the newly invented composite bow. They were often first-strike weapons, quickly followed by foot soldiers, and they were perfect for hunting down stragglers at the end of a victorious battle, or for making yourself scarce when it all went a bit wrong!

Reverse face

Carries an excellent depiction of a chariot typical of the images that decorated the walls of a tomb.

Obverse face

This features the Republic of Chad coat of arms, weight, denomination, year date and metal fineness.


Each coin comes in a themed cardboard shipper.

COMPOSITION 155.5 grams (5oz) of 0.999 silver
DIMENSIONS 41.0 mm (round)
FINISH antiqued uncirculated (Bullion)
MINTAGE 5,000 (sold out from the mint)


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