GOLDEN ANCHOR 2019 Palau 0.5g minigold coin


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GOLDEN ANCHOR 2019 Palau 0.5g minigold coin

Nautical themed coins are no standard fare at CIT. Game changers like the 2016 Great Tea Race and 2017 Pirate Skull set the bar high. The Anchor, officially introduced at the Berlin World Money Fair 2019, certainly delivers in this regard.The main coin in the series was struck from two ounces of fine silver and instantaneously sold out.  The smaller .9999 gold version is also composed of smartminting relief with finest quality gold gleaming along the stark ridges as the light moves across the surface of the coin.

The Anchor is limited to 15,000 pieces and issued for Palau with its seafaring history. The coin symbolizes the romantic era of discovery and our dependency on good weather and helplessness against the elements.


The Anchor shape delivered by CIT’s smartminting technique applied to the finest quality gold. Light is captured as it moves along the stark high ridges and plays against the surface of the coin.<


Depicts the national emblem of the Republic of Palau and the denomination.


Presented in a capsule in CIT’s minigold collector’s box box. A certificate of authenticity is enclosed.

COMPOSITION 0.5 grams  of 0.9999 gold
MINTAGE 15,000


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