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CIT 2017 Graf Zeppelin 100th Anniversary 3oz Silver Coin

Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin pioneered airship construction and flight in the late 19th century. Despite many setbacks, Zeppelin preserved and continued to develop airship flight until his death in 1917. His legacy lead to the construction of the Graf Zeppelin airship LZ127 built in his honour. The Graf Zeppelin was not only the largest airship at the time of its completion, but also started the first commercial flight service between Europe and the Americas.

Graf Zeppelin’s 1931 Arctic Flight was both a scientific expedition and a dramatic display of the airship’s ability under extreme conditions.

In July, 1931, the ship carried a team of scientists from Germany, the United States, the Soviet Union, and Sweden on an exploration of the Arctic, making meteorological observations, measuring variations in the earth’s magnetic field in the latitudes near the North Pole, and making a photographic survey of unmapped regions using a panoramic camera that automatically took several pictures per minute.  The size, payload, and stability of the zeppelin allowed heavy scientific instruments to be carried and used with an accuracy that would not have been possible with the airplanes of the day.

The five-stage flight covered 13,310 kilometers in 136:26 flying hours between July 24 – July 31, 1931, and literally changed the map of the Arctic region with the information obtained during the flight.

Among the most spectacular of its 590 flights that covered over 1.7 million kilometers were around-the-world flight in 1929


  • Metal: 999 Fine Silver
  • Finish: Proof  – Smart Minting (with high relief on both sides)
  • Diameter: 50mm
  • Mintage: 499
  • Weight: 3  oz
  • Date: 2017


The reverse shows a bust of Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin set against a background depiction of his famous ‘air-ship’ the Graf Zeppelin flying over a landscape.


The obverse of this commemorative coin depicts the polar flight of 1931 along with a fabric fragment that covered the LZ127 prior to being scrapped in 1940 by the German military.


The 3 oz smartminting© coin is presented in an elegant see-through display case.


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