GERMANIA 5oz (155.5gm) Cast Silver Bar


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Only 3 left in stock

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GERMANIA 5oz (155.5gm) Cast Silver Bar

Germania Mint creates modern collectible and investment products featuring attractive design, high quality craftsmanship and innovative packaging.

Launched in early 2021, Silver Cast Bars are Germania Mint’s first investment product. The bars quickly gained popularity not only among investors, but also collectors. The range is continually being expanded to include products of different weights, sizes and designs.

Cast Silver Bars are engraved with individual numbers and protected with holograms with identification codes, which guarantee their authenticity. Each product is registered in Germania Mint’s database, which allows to verify its originality by combining two unique numbers – engraved on the bar and placed on the hologram.

The bars are vacuum sealed, which protects them from external factors. Each product is also individually packed in specially designed cardboard boxes. Packaging with exclusive designs and sophisticated finishes emphasize the uniqueness of the bars, making them not only an investment but also a collector’s item.

Germania Mint’s first Silver Cast Bars were the 1000g Series A bars, made of 999 fine silver. Today, a full range of investment products are produced and all are made exclusively of 999.9 fine silver (Series “B”) from LBMA certified sources.

COMPOSITION 5oz of 0.9999 silver
DIMENSIONS 51.7 x 32.3 x 10.0 mm mm
SECURITY Numbering, hologram


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