MAGNIFICENT ARGALI 2022 Mongolia 1oz proof silver coin

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MAGNIFICENT ARGALI 2022 Mongolia 1oz proof silver coin

As a follow up to our Majestic Eagle and Mystic Wolf coins, we are proud to present the Magnificent Argali! The argali (Mongolian for ram) is the largest species of wild sheep that roams the highlands of western East Asia, the Himalayas, Tibet, and the Altai Mountains. They can stand up to 135 cm (4 ft) high and measuring up to 200 cm (7 ft) long. They are adapted to great cold, aridity and very high elevations up to 5800 m (19000 ft.). Adult argali eat 16-19 kg (35-42 lb) of food a day predominantly grass.

The main predators of argali are Himalayan wolves and leopards. They are long-legged runners that escape predators primarily by speedy flight. Argali are considered a near threatened species, due to domestic livestock ranching and hunting as the lure to gather a trophy specimen is strong among sports-hunters. They are hunted for both their meat and their horns, used in traditional Chinese medicine. Males have two large corkscrew shaped horns, some measuring 190 cm (6 ft 3 in) in total length and weighing up to 23 kg (51 lb). Males use their horns for competing with each another. Females also carry horns, but they are much smaller.

The reverse of each of these stunning coins show a front facing view and a side profile of an argali. The side profile view is struck in ultra-high relief with an incredible amount of detail given to the fur and the horn. The smartminting® relief extends all the way to the edge of the coin! A very sublime picture of this graceful animal. The front facing view of the argali is expertly struck so that it appears like it is a ghosted image in the background. Razor fine detail and relief combine together to create this effect.  There will be a total of 7 different coins done in 4 different metals.


The obverse shows the corkscrew horns of an argali in ultra-high relief and the tilted effigy is shown where the argali‘s face is. The background has a unique geometric pattern with the hidden “2022” date struck into the design.


Your MAGNIFICENT ARGALI 2022 Mongolia 1oz proof silver coin is package inside of a Nimbus frame. A certificate of authenticity is printed on the reverse of the coloured insert which holds the coin in place.

DENOMINATION 500 Togrog (Mongolia)
COMPOSITION 31.1 grams (1oz) of 0.999 silver
FINISH High Relief Proof, smartminted,


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