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Collector’s book – Mythical Creatures Silver

Mythical creatures with supernatural abilities do not walk among us, yet they are omnipresent – we find them in fairy tales and on the canvases of old masters. However, the stories of noble creatures that help human beings and the merciless beasts that are harmful to them are much more than a mere entertaining means of spending a long time. These legends are full of lessons and let us look into the minds of our ancestors. They offer a glimpse of how they dealt with things they could not explain – the horrors lurking in the darkness of the night, the rage of the elements, the meaning of life, and their own mortality.

Come and hear the legends of ancient times – myths that have stood the test of millennia. The Czech Mint introduces the following creatures in the series of twelve silver coins:

  • Dragon (2020)
  • Gryph (2020)
  • Harpy (2020)
  • Phoenix (2020)
  • Hydra (2021)
  • Unicorn (2021)
  • Kerberos (2021)
  • Centaur (2021)
  • Minotaurus (2022)
  • Sphinx (2022)
  • Pegasus (2022)
  • Scarab (2022)

You can store the complete coin collection in this spectacular collector’s book stylized in the form of an ancient amphora that will explain you the meaning of individual mythical creatures in Czech and English.


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